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  1. Luminuscule ages ago | reply

    So how was that trip to Mars? :)

  2. Matt Fitzwater-Stevens ages ago | reply

    Look, Luminiscule--there's proof! There is liquid water on Mars!!!

    A flickr exclusive, ladies and gentlemen.

  3. Louisa Hansen ages ago | reply

    Finally, water on Mars, LOL!

  4. heavenuphere ages ago | reply

    That's great!
    Love that red-brown colour...

  5. tp ages ago | reply

    I don't see the little green man yet! :)

  6. belliebottom ages ago | reply

    the martians came to worship at the fountain of life....

  7. nexus6 ages ago | reply

    NASA photos never looked so beautiful. I miss two or three white crosses, but white sticks do the work.
    Excellent "eye" as always

  8. karen6977 ages ago | reply

    It really does look like you were on another planet!

  9. Auntie K ages ago | reply

    Haha! This is a fun image.

  10. hippy urban girl ages ago | reply

    wowsa .. this is very cool! great fun and really beautiful :)

  11. astrocruzan ages ago | reply

    Visual trickery at it's best.

  12. kaneblues ages ago | reply

    No visual trickery; photo is of a true scene.

    Thanks to all!

  13. mojo52 [deleted] ages ago | reply

    so theres no life out there ?
    Mars is looking good!

  14. flyingMan 118 months ago | reply

    Almost unreal :-)

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