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Awkh's journey - 8. Necromancer | by Jack Riveorput
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Awkh's journey - 8. Necromancer

That evening Awkh, Dargur, the guard captain and his men were waiting for the passage by the Cliff of Irena to open. Everybody was tense, but the passage has opened and Holgrir and his men who were very exhausted ran inside. Everybody was waiting for the passage to close in silence and happily went towards the base.


But Awkh felt that something isn't right, like that evening when he was robbed by bandits. But this time, he has a sword which was forged by Dargur and in whose Runes he engraved his rage. He hid on the cap of a big mushroom and waited until everybody left. And then he noticed a black shadow darker than the darkness crawling and turning into a Necromancer. Using magic he raised the dead to create an army, but Awkh wasn't waiting anymore. He ran towards him, jumped and in the moment when the Necromancer raised his head to see what is going on, struck with his sword.


The Dwarves were almost knocked down by the explosion, and all the stunned Dwarves ran towards the exit and saw a Necromancer and his army lying dead.

Dargur was running and looking for Awkh, and then Holgrir found him stuck in the mushroom. They carefully pulled him out and put him on the floor of the cave, but they weren't able to wake up Awkh.

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Taken on February 28, 2019