Children's Party, Dublin, 1920s

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A note on the back of this photo reads: "Party given by gentlemen to children."

Uploaded this one in June 2011, but I'm recycling it now because I have a very special request!

Next Wednesday 16th marks the 5th anniversary of the launch of Flickr Commons, when the Library of Congress unleashed their photographic collections on an unsuspecting world. I got a lovely email from Helena Zinkham, who's the chief of the LOC's photo division. She wants a celebration, and I think she's right.

I'm wondering if some of you would like to pick a favourite photo of yours (for whatever reason!) from our NLI photostream, write a paragraph about it, and send it to me with a link to the photo for posting to our NLI Blog. We can then have a celebratory blog post, with the photos in question on display too.

I'd been thinking about doing this for a while, but Helena's email just gave me the kick I needed. So, who's in?!

Date: Circa 1924

NLI Ref.: HOG221

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  1. ClickKen04 27 months ago | reply

    Hi Carol, not sure what you are asking?
    Tks, Ken

  2. swordscookie 27 months ago | reply

    Carol, I'll have to have a look through them as there are so many that would fall into my favourites category. I'll get back to you shortly.

  3. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 27 months ago | reply

    Yes, please! Flickr Mail is grand...

  4. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 27 months ago | reply

    Read the text under the photo above! :)

  5. Josay Photograph 27 months ago | reply

    A good work with sufficient sepia

  6. beachcomberaustralia 27 months ago | reply

    " HE'S BEHIND YOU ! ... "

    "Oh no he isn't ... "

    "OH YES HE IS ! "

  7. derangedlemur 27 months ago | reply

    I don't really have an aesthetic favourite; There's too many good ones and not enough outstanding railway or castle ones. I just rate them by how much fun they are to research, so I don't think my favourite would have any relevance or appeal for anyone else except possibly NIreland Eye.

  8. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 27 months ago | reply


    Sure I can't tempt you? Not even Linen Bleach Green?? Not at all about aesthetic favourites necessarily, but more about enjoyment you got - exactly as you say: "how much fun they are to research"...

  9. someclevername 27 months ago | reply

    must have been some party

  10. simbajak 27 months ago | reply

    What a great photo.

  11. National Library of Ireland on The Commons 27 months ago | reply

    P.S. Now that all the enjoyable hoohah about the Flickr Commons 5th Birthday has died down, what about this photo itself? Those arches in the background look pretty distinctive. Anyone know where in Dublin this might have been taken?

  12. Niall McAuley 13 months ago | reply

    Richie Mangan over on Facebook suggests this is the rear of Rutland Street National School. which opened in 1910.

  13. Niall McAuley 13 months ago | reply

    Rashers on agrees, and identifies the three windows at right as his first classroom!

  14. Niall McAuley 13 months ago | reply

    Check this aerial shot in Panoramio - definitely Rutland Street national school!

  15. guliolopez 13 months ago | reply

    Nice one Niall (and FB and forum contributors). I concur (based on aerial view). Pity there's nobody to ring the "location confirmed" klaxon. (sad face)

  16. Niall McAuley 6 months ago | reply

    A newspaper archive search for Rutland Street School, 1920-1930 yields a possible hit: A FETE FOR CHILDREN, 11th Jan, 1923, in the Freeman's Journal

  17. BlueisCoool 5 months ago | reply

    What a wonderful capture from the past.

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