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Shanghai . the un-beautiful part . from the deck of a 6000 dollar a night penthouse suite

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  1. thomas lieser (thomas-lieser.smugmug.com) 51 months ago | reply

    Jonathan Kos-Read the world is sometimes soft around the edges, that's the main problem... ;-)

  2. -p-a-u-l- [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    posh and uncool

  3. .Zickie. 51 months ago | reply

    The spectacular nature of the sky is really brought out in the processing. unfortunately it shoves alot of the building into the area of the lens where the distortion goes from adding to the picture and making it weird. Especially where the tops of the taller buildings start to "fall" away from the centre of focus.


  4. Rob-Shanghai 51 months ago | reply

    For 6000 dollars a night I would expect better weather :-)

  5. Jonathan Kos-Read 51 months ago | reply

    Rob-Shanghai Lol. We weren't actually staying there. It was for a BTV travel show. "Look how amazing China is! Look how rich!" type stuff. I was hosting. Pretty smokin' room though.

    Anyway, I took Ansel Adams' advice and looked behind me instead of shooting the Pearl Tower. Sort of pleased with the result. Comp could be better.

    Did you like my "Schoolgirl Lost in the Rain" pic?

  6. Rob-Shanghai 51 months ago | reply

    Jonathan Kos-Read
    Sorry mate I missed it, I was a bit busy towards the end of last month so I guess it slipped through. The colours and refections are outstanding and I think you got the scale and composition right, I read that some would prefer the girl to be larger In the shot but for me she could have been even further away and still remain the primary subject. I have to get out more in the rain, guess I am too lazy. Btw, I think the shot would work well also in B&W

  7. Still The Oldie 51 months ago | reply

    A great ad for the Nikon 14-24mm...

    But in any event, the concept of showing the less salubrious side is a good idea, and there is much to like in the execution, but I think you show the shot disrespect by not addressing the unnecessary distortion, like here, for instance:


  8. leesure 51 months ago | reply

    I count 5 uncool votes...tag people!

  9. leesure 51 months ago | reply

    Blade-runner knock off. Interesting, but the corner softness killz it.


  10. The.Lumberjack 51 months ago | reply

    I think your photo is lost, maybe at about 30mm it would bring that light closer and still include enough buildings, and get no distortion.

  11. Still The Oldie 51 months ago | reply

    And that seals it. To the Muck Pile!

  12. addie cass 51 months ago | reply

    I would have cooled it.

  13. Ray Majrowski Thanks for 500,000 1/2 million views 51 months ago | reply

    Like the futuristic city scape feel to it, the leaning buildings and the cloud perspective draw the eye to the centre of the image, the corrected image has less impact.

  14. Jonathan Kos-Read 51 months ago | reply

    raymond majrowski Well, that's what I thought. But nobody agreed.

  15. tamjty 51 months ago | reply

    very nice shot showing off the tension in the photo and dynamic sky

  16. stumayhew 51 months ago | reply


  17. Ted Raynor Photography [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    It is a pleasure to meet you Jonathan.

    I love sci fi and Blade Runner is one of my all- time favorite movies. So like some of the others, I like the futuristic feel of it. I often play around with lens correction stuff but rarely like the outcome of it so I just usually leave the shot as it was.

  18. giulia19782013 [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    Senza parole! Complimenti

  19. sjhstone 21 months ago | reply

    Yes, while the city center is rapidly being updated to the wealthy style, some sections of it is still struggling to take on a new look. Actually, the city is losing part of itself, many local residents are forced to move to suburban areas to give way to non-stopping business development. Many vivid pictures like taxi driver having chat with each other in narrow streets not far from the Bund can hardly been seen because many old houses are erased there. I do find fun in a renovated Shanghai, with artistically-developed old factories like 1933, but the old reserved way of pursuing style is fading, and is replaced by a much more direct and rude way.

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