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zapped | by Laurarama
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I was pleased to be able to stay long enough as the storm was building to get a few lightning shots and get off the beach before it came too close or started pouring rain on me.


I almost lost this shot and many others when I put my camera back in my bag while still ON which I do a lot when I'm shooting. Then I did the equivalent of "ass dialing" a cell phone and must have pressed the menu buttons while it was in the bag. Since the last thing I did using menus was format an SD card a few days prior, that option came up first and with a couple random presses my card was reformatted and 600 of my last images were erased! When I went to review my shots I sat there numbly looking at my LCD screen as I read "file empty no images" my jaw agape in amazement at my stupidity. Why hadn't I backed these files up already? My mind was reeling with all the precious shots I had lost, not just the one above, there will be other storms, but shots from mothers day and as well as shots from a photo excursion my hubby took me on for my birthday that are priceless to me. The next day, I remembered that I read somewhere, that you can get deleted data recovered but that it is not always successful and it can be pricey. So I looked it up online and found some freeware that seemed to have good reviews. It couldn't be that simple could it? It was! I got every single image back! It was like going back in time to reverse my mistake. If only it were that easy to reverse some of my other past mistakes and get a second chance.


I thought I would pass this story on to all of you. Now when I format an SD card I will go back to Main menu afterward so it won't be easy to accidentally reformat. If you ever do delete files in error the main thing to remember is to stop using the card. The files are still there and can be retrieved but not if you have written over them with new images.


Here is the freeware I used. I 'm sure there are others but this is the one I used and can recommend with high honors.

Pandora Recovery


View on Black

For ODC - dark / low key


Camera Nikon D7000 ~ Nikkor 24mm 2.8 Ais ~ Exposure 1/40sec ~ Aperture f/8.0 ~ ISO Speed 400


© Image by Laurarama - All rights reserved. Do not use, copy or alter in any way without my written permission. Unauthorized use of my image may result in abdominal discomfort, dizziness, heart palpitations and other more severe side effects.

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Taken on May 14, 2012