Me, in sea bird nighty...nightgown.

Vintage set,,,tags were on it, and its 25 years old.


you can see hem of the gown over my knee and legs.


nude underneath but there are two pieces.


There is undernighty, then the robe, and they both have silk satin roses.


I feel like I could fly. So light and fine.


Perfect for honeymoon or bridal...i just looked at member who sells on ebay

listed many olgas and such, hanging in trees and from fishing line.

I have a few vintage to and red one to die for.

but....have to wait a bit.




  • swjdsmith 4y

    When my wife and I were married in 1965 she had a white one and blue one (for our wedding night since I love blue) that were very similar to this gown. Later on I added a mint green one then a beautiful pale yellow one. This picture puts me in mind of those days, and nights! Unfortunately the gowns are gone. I have tried replacing them via eBay but no luck. Thanks for the memories. You are beautiful in a beautiful gown!
  • Sugar Barre PRO 4y

    i will wear this again and shoot it so it can be seen.
    close up on the roses etc.
    it's two pieces.
    How sweet. This can't be purchased now, it has to be in vintage estate or such.
  • Sugar Barre PRO 4y

    swjdsmith How sweet
  • John Jones 4y

    I'm waiting to see the nude underneath pics Sugar
  • Tony 4y

    me too! or a hint...
  • WeFlicked 4y

    Beautiful. My wife and i adore vintage style gowns like this. A big plus is we can wear most of each others lingerie .
  • WeFlicked 4y

    Sugar Barre

    I love those finds! The Wife and I have found some wonderful finds like this. Dreamy
  • April Silk PRO 4y

    Love the look and the outfit--so HOT looking!!
  • sissybrianna1967 4y

    i love nightgowns wear them all the time but this is one of the most beautiful nightgown i have ever seen and would so love to own this nightie you do look like u could fly
  • Delta McQueen 4y

    thank you for sharing this sensuous image. it makes me a good way.
  • sports22hobbys 4y

    Absolutely Delicious Lady, in a Lovely Pose!!!!!
  • #bbgaby 3y

    Smooth and sweetness!! I love!! Very sensual miss!!! I'M sorry!!! Lady!!!

  • Susann Krumpen 3y

  • Ben Treasures 3y

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  • Habibienta 3y

    Muaaah ilove it so sexy
  • Lovepreet Singh 3y

    Sunny Leone by lovebajwa
  • Sexysheer 2y

    Absolutely beautiful. very sheer
  • Mahboob Khan 2y

    it is a very romantic
  • Sexysheer 2y

    very sheer and classy
  • j head 9mo

    Stunning xxx
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