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#11 - 100 Strangers - Jess & Sophie | by ladylouise62 (trying to find mojo)
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#11 - 100 Strangers - Jess & Sophie

Alternative title - "The synchronicity of friendship"


What can I say - I couldn't help but notice these two - but not because of those wonderfully vibrantly coloured skirts.

I was actually sitting across the canal having a coffee when I noticed them, sat on the ground opening up their lunch and I spotted the duplicate T-shirts - that was why I crossed over the bridge (ok, rushed over so I didn't lose them!). I didn't actually see the skirts, or the rest of the wicked outfits so I initially just hoped to take their torsoes to get the t-shirts, but when I saw the rest of them, I just had to do a full length. If I had seen them upright they would have caught my eye even without the tops because 30 years ago I looked rather like that and it took me back (God, almost 3 DECADES ago!!! Swoon!!!!)


I asked them if they planned the matching t-shirts, and apparently it was pure chance, they had only planned the boots. See, they obviously are so in synch that they can't help but wear the same stuff. Of course it could be that they only have 2 tops each so it's a 50:50 chance, but since they also had a clothes shop bag with them - and they are girls, I don't think that that was it :-)

They were very softy spoken and quite sweet, but again, it may just be down to the fact that some mad stranger was bothering them! They had just finished their GCSE exams and I asked them if they had any plans, but they didn't yet - well, it's so hard to know where you are going at that age.


I asked them to stand and managed to get the Cinema (Vue) logo behind and above their heads - I just liked the link with the fact they were wearing the batman t-shirts, and it almost makes it look they were part of a promo team. I should have moved them a bit more to get rid of the pole on the right... but I'm not quite there yet with managing the shot. It's like guerilla portraiture isn't it - run in, shoot and run out again. That takes a lot of practice to think so quickly.


I took four shots, all in this pose, but chose this because of Jess looking over with that smile you only get between close friends. As I was taking the photos 2 of their friends turned up looking rather bemused (hhm, I seem to cause a lot of that nowadays :-))


Anyway, thanks girls - love your style, and thanks for allowing me to intrude and be reminded of my youth. Best hopes for your futures.


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Taken on June 23, 2008