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Iron | by I am R.
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My natural look... The Iron Bitch.

People mistake me for some kind of zombie when I'm in this look.

Which, I suppose, I should thank George Romero for.

May he rest in peace, but if he chooses to return and hunger for brains, that's his problem.


I shot 9 performances this weekend.

Some were great.

Some... weren't.

And I missed a few here and there due to RL obligations and scheduling.

Whether that's my tastes or their talent, I don't know.

Plus, I'm not some seasoned expert critic.

I just shoot things.

Whether a performance is too complex or nuanced for me to capture, or it's just lame, I'll leave that to the pros.

However, as people said with Ed Wood, you can't fault him for trying.

Creators will pursue their passion.

I'll adjust my group memberships and schedules.


A few folks showed up at Art in the Park.

I guess it was Relay For Life that had everyone captivated.

Or the fact that they knew there's be more of that fucking George the Pirate ruining the otherwise good stories by Caledonia and Trolley.


I have a reputation for not taking fans seriously.

Because I hear a lot of "Your stories are great!" or "I love the rambles in between stories!" and then there's more presenters on the stage than people in the audience.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

I'd rather share stories with one friend in a hospital room than on a stage in front of thousands.

It's the heart that counts.


One walk on Saturday, one walk on Sunday.

Starting today off with a walk.

2mph, 30 minutes, and 2 degrees incline.

Maybe that will make me burn and sweat better.


Astros are still finding ways to win.

ESPN is in love with The Dodgers, though.

We'll see in October who's right.

Until then, letting Keuchel and McHugh rest while the scrubs piece together some bullpen wins seems like genius.

Hopefully, Musgrove returns to the bullpen or Fresno soon.

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Uploaded on July 17, 2017