Morris Minor 1000 Traveller

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    I'm not interested in cars as a rule but there are a few that I like very much.This clearly is one of them. It was conveniently parked in front of a shopfront that 'matched' the frame.

    In 1953 another innovative version of the Minor joined the range, an estate car known as the Traveller. The Traveller used a wooden frame construction for the rear bodywork, this frame was a structural section and gained a reputation for being prone to rotting away! The Traveller featured split rear doors (as used on small vans) and a folding rear bench seat which increased it carrying capacity.

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    1. Eddy Allart 60 months ago | reply

      A wonderful coincidence!

    2. ** RCB ** 60 months ago | reply

      We have one in our neighborhood in Northern California. They are so cool.

    3. timechaser 60 months ago | reply

      What a beauty. Lovely color too.

    4. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      Robert Couse-Baker They are quite a rare sight here so in California it must be very unusual.

    5. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      timechaser I so much prefer old cars, they have such character. Like old people.;-)

    6. love-charlie 60 months ago | reply

      The Moggies are great old cars, its interesting that they put wood on these 'travellers' it really defines them, can't imagine car manufactures doing something similar today! The Morris Minor was also the first British Car to be produced one million times, so they were pretty popular back in their 'day' too. I like how the wood on the Moggie matches the shopfront behind. Nice find and shot!

    7. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      Charlie Powell Thanks Charlie. I used to think that the timber frame looked silly but now I love it.

    8. Afgil (please see profile) 60 months ago | reply

      A great find and well spotted. A lovely capture!

    9. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      Afgil (please see profile) Thanks Alan. I was so thrilled to see it.

    10. lepacoco 60 months ago | reply

      Wonderful picture. Someone really loves this car - it looks in pristine condition!

    11. kathmo 60 months ago | reply

      Car of my dreams....... I owned a couple of these cars, one after the other. They were so practical, and plenty of space in the back.

    12. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      kathmo How could you bear to part with it.

    13. Eastbtm - I am back online again. :) 60 months ago | reply

      Yes! It does match the wooden frame. Nice find once again! :)

    14. Maxwell Hamilton 60 months ago | reply

      Another car that brings back memories. Over 40 years ago, I attended university in the Midlands, and a classmate took me and my stuff from Bristol in the Morris Minor version of this car. In hindsight it was another very kind deed which he kept up for three years. The M4 ran out at Swindon and then it was A roads. The car managed it fully laiden. I remember this one had the old style left and right flick up pointers instead of the modern indicators. I must think of the kindness of people more often.

    15. Curry15 60 months ago | reply

      Maxwell Hamilton I'd forgotten about flick up indicators, wonderful. As I don't drive I'm only interested in the look of a car and there isn't a single modern car that appeals.A very kind deed.

    16. lakbdesign/fergusandme 59 months ago | reply

      and I love the colour! These were still around in quite large numbers when I was little (Scotland, mid 1970s). we had a mini clubman with wood panelling ...

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