Lapeyrouse - Volvic
The Lapeyrouse - Volvic railway was constructed between 1871 and 1909, as part of the connection Montluçon - Clermont-Ferrand. This line offered the Compagnie du Paris-Orléans its own connection between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. Building the line was not easy, as we can tell from the long timespan of the construction. Especially the part between St Gervais-en-Auvergne and Volvic was difficult and expensive to build. The engineers had to find a way to span the Sioule valley and after long considerations the site of "Les Fades" was chosen. This choice demanded the construction of a viaduct of gigantic proportions, which has held the title of highest railway bridge of the world until 1973. The viaduct is 133 meters high and 470 meters long and consists of three girders on masonry piers. In 1909 construction was completed and the railway line was opened. The line once saw a busy traffic of goods and passengers, but in recent times only a few regional passenger trains a day crossed the viaduct. Due to the state of the tracks and the viaduct the line was closed on 9 December 2007. The bridge itself is a classified monument.

In Volvic the line connected to the older railway Clermont-Ferrand - Brive (1881). On this line the old semaphore signals are still in use. A good example is Volvic Station. In 2008 part of the line has been modernised, the rest might follow soon.

The pictures on this page were taken in April 2007 and July 2010 (Lapeyrouse).
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