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sneeze photo.


Been Wanting to do this one for a long time. When I was 12 me and some friends were running around the local library causing a ruckus. We would occasionally pick up a book to act like we weren't causing any trouble. Anyway, I ended up picking up this one book on photography, and it had a picture like this, and explaining something about high speed sync. Wish I could remember what book that was b/c thats how I fell in love with photography.


Sb 80dx 1/32 camera left with homemade snoot for fill on face

Sb 24 1/16 behind facing subject for rim light (tho didn't quite work,) with gobo on right side to prevent spill on the wall and to light my snot. Wish the rim light worked abit better but I was shooting myself and it was hard enough just getting me in frame..




Had to darken the background in Ps b/c I coudln't get enough space between me and the wall. I put the flash as close to me as I dared without getting it soaked :P.


setup shot is here:


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Taken on December 12, 2007