China Motor Bus snapshot 1985
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Welcome to my new gallery of Hong Kong photos - this is a special 'flashback' set, to which I'll periodically add scans of photos I took in Hong Kong in 1985.

Further photos of CMB, from 1983, are available in a separate set - please see :

THANK YOU to all Hong Kong bus fans for your huge interest in my photos from 30 years ago. It is because of your interest that I am continuing to scan more photos each week, which it is my pleasure to share here. My principal goal was to photograph as many buses as possible (rather than routes or locations, as I did not have time to do so). My preference was to photograph as many of the older 'half-cab' buses as possible also.
Sister sets in my 'Snapshot' series will cater for KMB, trams, Lantau and Macau vehicles.

China Motor Bus had the world's largest fleet of Guy Arab buses, standardising on the Guy Arab MkV (all in semi-automatic form with SCG gear control).

Many of the Guys were rebodied, as their chassis were ideally suited to Hong Kong, but the tortuous conditions in which they served, often heavily overloaded, meant that their often rather basic bodywork just fell apart over time.

I became very fond of CMB and its amazingly resilient, reliable and nice-sounding Guy Arabs.

I dedicate this gallery in memory of CMB, its legendary Mr Ngan and as a way of keeping alive happy memories and sharing them with you all.

You are warmly recommended to friend Mike Davis's definitive book on CMB for fullest details of this fascinating fleet.

Also, online, please see Anthony Sham's superbly crisp 'Bus Datafile'

This gives the basic details of the fleet (for photos and notes, see Mike's book).

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