2012, AAA Ann Arbor
Located across the street from the “Big House”, University of Michigan’s football stadium, the Ann Arbor Auto Club Group branch office for AAA of Michigan provided a great opportunity to design a building that communicates the company’s image while accentuating the high profile nature of the site. Designed according to LEED silver certification standards, this contextually efficient building will reflect AAA’s current corporate branding. The green design maximizes daylight, reduces solar temperature gain with sun-shading devices, and uses local materials whenever possible. The plan included demolishing the previous two-story, 9,320-square-foot building and construct a new one-story, 5,443-square-foot building on its adjacent north parcel, which is currently used for AAA parking. The current AAA branch was built in 1955 and had an addition in 1965. This new branch will require much less storage space due to advances in technology which sets the stage for a smaller, more customer service oriented structure. The branch is divided into two functional areas – of customer service and the back-office. The design solution is aimed at effectively matching the various spaces with their specific functions. The customer service zone is spacious and open with storefront windows along Main Street allowing ample amounts of natural light to fill the space. Here the open office solution creates a comfortable and efficient workplace for employees while promoting a welcoming environment for clients. The openness and spaciousness is further emphasized by subdued colors and glass walls on the back-office areas that overlook the customer service area. Conversely, the back-office areas are designed specially to ensure the discretion of the meetings with the clients while promoting the overall spirit of openess that drives the design of AAA’s current corporate branding.
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