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Grapple's Squadron

Grapple- Squadron commander. He's a lot older than the rest, he fought in the first battle of Genenosis. He was trained to be an elite ARF Trooper, and was promoted to have his on Squadron.


Shark- The Sniper. Shark has been with Grapple for the longest. His original nick-name was Sharp, short for sharp-shooter, but this is difficult to say in a hurry and quite frankly, Shark sounds cooler.


Looker- The Scout. Quite famous among clones for his disability- he has very little physical strength, but if you're disabled in one area, you usually have a strength in another- Looker's eyes can see quite a long way further than any other Clones.


Cutter- The medic. He was wounded on the field, and was thought to be dead. He was left, lying in agony on the muddy floor until Looker spotted him twitching from up on the base's crows nest. From then on, Cutter vowed to become a medic, so should he find himself in that situation again, he could patch himself up.


This is my first time trying something like this. How'd you like it?


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Taken on January 5, 2012