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I love dung beetles!! it is big fun to lie on my stomach and watch them. There is so much going on in a pile of dung :-)

There's construction work as huge perfectly round balls of dung are made in no time at all.
There is blossoming love, as the females come flying in and above the dung pile let themselves fall straight into the fresh dung. They come to inspect the male's balls and when they see one they like they just cling onto it.
Than the male goes down on his 'hands' an starts rolling the ball with his hind legs, still with the female attached. They can roll up to 50 times their own bodyweight! They always roll the ball in a straight line to where they want to go, no matter what obstacles there might be (I once saw a couple of dung beetles roll their ball over a leopard's bum).

But on the way to the spot where they are going to bury the ball, there are many dangers! You can get trampled by an elephant, driven over by a vehicle, get eaten by a bird of.. your ball can get stolen by another dung beetle who's too lazy to roll one himself!! And than you'll have to fight. Fight like the brave little gladiator you are...

The Wildlife Diary has been updated with another truly exciting day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Shot with the 500mm; perhaps not the most obvious macro lens :-)

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  1. Fresh Light 34 months ago | reply

    .......paradise shot....

  2. So_she_says 33 months ago | reply

    wow.... i could never imagine that i would love a shot of dung beetles and such beautiful caption...

  3. bugman11 33 months ago | reply

    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , WOW , GREAT SCENE !!!!!!!!!! , this is fabulous !!!!!!

  4. Black Cat Photos 32 months ago | reply

    wow this is amazing! especially with all the little flies and the movement! brilliant shot luv m xxx

  5. Ellenvd 32 months ago | reply


  6. belthelem 28 months ago | reply

    Excellent work!

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  7. tereliyesajjan 28 months ago | reply

    Cute beetles. Thanks for showing

  8. Shooter74100 23 months ago | reply

    amazing shot !!!

  9. tedesco57 23 months ago | reply


    The ancient Egyptians observed Scarab beetles rolling the balls of dung, in which they lay their eggs, and bury underground. They thought the sun was rolled around the sky in the same way, and like the ball of dung, the sun descended down into the under world each night. As the ball of dung gave birth to another generation of beetles so the sun was reborn each morning bringing warmth and life to the earth.

    The Egyptians called Scarab beetles Khepera. He was the god representing regeneration, new life, virility and resurrection.

    He was sometimes shown with outstretched wings but the most common forms were the little amulets worn as ornaments or buried with the dead. The reverse of the Scarab is often inscribed with name of kings, and these were made and worn as much as a thousand years after the death of the kings whose names they bear. Many of the kings themselves took the name of Kheper as part of their own name.

    For example Tutankhamun's throne-name was Neb Kheperu Ra. This means 'The Lord of forms is Ra' this is the name the people of his time would have known him by. The name Tutankhamun is more personal and less important.

    Scarab doing his thang:

  10. Lisa Lovingtree 22 months ago | reply

    This is the coolest insect photo I have seen in a very, very long time. They are fascinating, and your capture is delightful.

  11. mjmourik 22 months ago | reply

    Wow, het is weer bal daar:)

  12. Lisa Lovingtree 19 months ago | reply

    Your work always makes my jaw drop! Thanks for another fantastic shot!

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  13. Luca_G. 16 months ago | reply

    Great moment, good light and wise pov. ;)

  14. carlini.sonia 11 months ago | reply

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