Ongarue - the Great Ellis & Burnand Tramway
This wonderful tramway ran from the NIMT at Ongarue to a plateau hundreds of feet above continually climbing. It was well engineered with a spiral, tunnel, 2 great trestle bridges and very impressive cuttings. The tramway closed mid-nineteen sixties. It had 2 Price Locos and a Climax which I hope that I can show you in operation in this album. A lot of footage of the Tramway is shown in the wonderful video called "Rails in the Wilderness" which I would heartily recommend including the final act of one of the 3 locos towing the other 2 out. They have all been preserved thankfully and one is being overhauled current and will be in working order again one day.
The biggest bridges on the line including the bridge near the NIMT and the 2 big viaducts (Goat Creek and Mangatukutuku) were apparently dynamited when the mill closed, I'm not sure if this was an act of OSH or to make sure that nobody else used the line! Access is not yet available and it took a lot of work to get permission to the track. It's very difficult to find otherwise
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