Ellis & Burnand Siding & Tramway Ongarue
This was a siding from Ongarue Station to the Ellis & Burnand Mill site about a km away. Both the siding and the tramway were built to the highest standard apparently. In this album I've only covered the section between the NZR station and the mill but the tramway itself must have been magnificent with a timber viaduct or two a spiral and tunnel. A shame that when the tramway was closed the bridges and viaducts were blown up! However I thoroughly recommend that you check out the "Rails in the Wilderness" video and you will see what I mean.
The great news is that DoCs are in the process of turning the old tramway into a Railtrail and are apparently doing a wonderful job of it including restoration of most of the features that I mentioned previously.
Another interesting thing is that if you refer to the NZ Railway & Tramway Atlas you'll realise that this tramway came close to another mill tramway, Endean's see another of my set. I've been reliably informed that a 120 metre swing bridge will link the 2.
It should be noted that the owners kindly donated their old lokkies (Heislers) to be saved for preservation. Check out my Glen Afton Branch Album
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