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33-52: a good sign | by Dave (
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33-52: a good sign

Agnes: Hey Eva, why does Dave sometimes go outside and just stare up in the air when we're at the cabin?

Eva: Something to do with star gazing and watching the night sky. I hear that Mars may be visible tonight.

Bruno: Ooooh. Sounds fancy. Can we eat the night sky? I've always wanted to eat a Mars bar.

Eva: No.

Agnes: But why does he only do it at the cabin?

Eva: I think it has to do with lack of light pollution. There are fewer bright lights up here so you can see the stars better.

Agnes: Oh. But do you ever think that we're the light pollution?

Bruno: Nope. It's been said that I'm neither light nor bright.

Agnes: What I meant is that we're standing in the entrance with a puddle of light coming through the windows. Isn't that light pollution?

Eva: That is something to ponder.

Bruno: Hey Freckles and Newpuppy, want to know something really important to ponder?

Agnes: Sure.

Bruno: When he's going to be done looking at the sky so we can go outside to pee then get a bedtime biscuit before going to bed for the night.




I tried something different with this shot. Last week (after staring at the sky when I took the dogs out to pee before bed) I noticed how well the rectangles of light from the windows and the red sign showed up against the darkness of the night. This is not something that I would notice in June or July when it's light until after 11, but with the shorter days of August it seemed pretty cool to me. So the next night I went out with my camera before letting them out to pee (something that never happens) and set the exposure for the highlights underexposing the rest of the scene. The only light is from a fluorescent ceiling light in the entrance. I was worried that there would be no light on the dog faces, but it turns out that there was just enough.

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Taken on August 17, 2018