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6-52 "school drop off" | by Dave (
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6-52 "school drop off"

Bruno: Karen, why do we have to drop the kids off for school?

Karen: That surprises me. I thought you liked the morning walks for drop off and afternoon walks for pick up.

Bruno: Oh, but I do like those walks. The fresh air, the family time, and all of the bonuses.

Karen: Bonuses?

Bruno: Yup. Lots of bonuses during school walks. Kids coming over to pet me. Adults coming over to pet me. Getting to poke my head in the school and have teachers pet me. And then there's the occasional food litter. Apple cores, muffin wrappers, and last week I even found a piece of granola bar.

Karen: Then if you like all of those things why don't you want to do school drop off.

Bruno: Oh, we can still do the walks. I just don't get why we have to leave them in that building.

Karen: You know, so they can learn things like how to read and write. And then they can get good jobs so they can afford a nice place to live, eat well and all of those other important things.

Bruno: Seems like overkill to me. I barely even went to school and I live a life of luxury.

Karen: You're a bit of a special case. It doesn't usually work that way for humans.

Bruno: Oh. But I still think it's a bad idea to leave them there.

Karen: Why?

Bruno: Because I miss them during the day.




This is a daily routine for our house. The morning walk to school, with both dogs coming along for the walk. If you're looking for Eva in the photo, she is in front of the big blonde retriever butt leading the way and giving everything a good sniffing. If you're looking for Bruno, he's the big blonde retriever butt.

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Taken on February 7, 2017