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2-12 eva: "coyotes" | by Dave (
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2-12 eva: "coyotes"

Eva: What are you humans up to?

Dave: Well, while in Phoenix we decided to take in a coyotes game.

Eva: Seriously? Coyotes? Those things aren't even domesticated. What kind of game could they do, they don't even know how to fetch.

Dave: It's a hockey team.

Eva: Oh, I never saw that coming. Never expected them to wear skates.

Dave: It's not actual coyotes playing, it's a human team named the coyotes.

Eva: Oh. That does make a bit of sense.

Dave: Just a bit? In what way?

Eva: Skill level. I imagine those humans would be better at hockey. And I assume they chose the name coyotes to try and scare the opponents a bit.

Dave: Likely.

Eva: But if they really wanted to intimidate, they should have called themselves the "brittany spaniels". We're fast, smart, and unpredictable. One time I even bit Bruno in the butt after he knocked me over while I was pooping. He never did that again.

Dave: Retaliatory butt biting is not a part of hockey. It would get you ejected from the game.

Eva: Oh. But body checking, shoving, and firing a frozen rubber disc at high speeds towards the other team is all acceptable? I'll never understand you humans.




We're in Phoenix on a little family vacation. The dogs had to stay in Saskatoon, so they are missing out on the hiking, swimming, and hockey game. But, I don't think they mind as they are staying with a friend of ours who treats them like gold and has another four dogs for them to play with as well. Plus Eva has decided that she is a lap dog and tries to spend as much time as possible on Stacey's lap getting cuddles. They lead a good life.


I had taken a photo of Eva looking at a Looney Tunes roadrunner picture before travel to use in her project. But, I accidentally deleted it so Stacey was kind enough to text me one of Eva from her place. The annoyed look in Eva's eyes is likely because she had to get off her lap for the photo.

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Taken on February 26, 2017