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3-52 "hug contractor" | by Dave (
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3-52 "hug contractor"

Dave: Hey Bruno, what are you up to?

Bruno: Figured I should get a job in construction. I think they could use a dog with my skill set?

Dave: A dog who's doesn't like loud noises and needs frequent naps?

Bruno: That's what the ear protection is for. The naps is why I would do contract work and build that time into the contract.

Dave: Fair enough. What's the plan?

Bruno: I could be a hug contractor!

Dave: I don't think that's a thing.

Bruno: Totally is. I heard them talking about it on HGTV when I was half napping the other day. I figure it's someone who wanders around a work site handing out hugs to make everyone happy.

Dave: Good idea, but I'm pretty sure you misheard them.

Bruno: Oh. Then it must be rub contractor. I can do that too. People rub my tummy and then everyone feels super happy.

Dave: Another great idea. But, I really think you misheard them talking about subcontractors.

Bruno: Oh, I can do that too. Assuming that subcontractor means someone who eats everyone's subway sandwiches at lunch.

Dave: Still not it.

Bruno: Then I can only assume that a sub contractor is based off the latin prefix "sub" meaning "beneath, under, or below". I can totally do that too! I am exceedingly good at hanging out beneath people's feet until they stop working, hug me, pet me and sometimes give me food!




We're in the middle of a kitchen renovation, and Brunuo has been trying to break past the barriers to hang out with the workers. He feels that he belongs everywhere. Two weeks done on the renovation, and only 4 more left!


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Taken on January 21, 2017