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Anna's Birthday

...every mother professes a double faith -- the faith of celestial hope that the future will be more glorious than the present and the faith of terrestrial continuity that the flow of succeeding generations will go forward -- in the direction indicated by hope from above. Every mother knows -- in so far as she is a mother -- that underlying the flow of generations there is at work the primordial magical impulse of the effective cause ("the Alpha") of the world and that the final cause ("the Omega") of the world will not fail to direct it and draw it towards itself. In other words, each mother professes -- by the very fact that she is a mother -- the divine origin of the world and the divine aim of the world. If this were not so, she would refuse to give birth, i.e. to give birth to children who otherwise would be destined to be the victims of absurdity.


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Taken on January 19, 2010