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..... The lady ran away screaming at the top of her lungs: Troll! Troll in the basement!
What does she know? My minions are not trolls.
Well not technically anyway.

I left the loo, climbed the stairs and explored the hallway.
By the looks of it I seemed to have entered a mansion.
I heard distant voices floating towards me and hid myself just in time.

The lady returned, accompanied by some guards.
She was explaining to them where she had seen the creature.
At the sight of the minion at the top of the stairs she started screaming again .....

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  1. Lego Junkie. 40 months ago | reply

    Those stairs are genius!

  2. Masked Builder 40 months ago | reply

    Amazing stairs!

  3. th_squirrel 40 months ago | reply

    Haha Troll...

  4. Symmetry_ 40 months ago | reply

    Troll! Troooooll in the dungeons!!

  5. Âtin 40 months ago | reply

    I'm still really digging the floor :)

  6. burakki62 40 months ago | reply

    oh no... the minions are making their way out of the purse... cant wait to see what they do next (o: I love the stairs btw

  7. Your Humble Editor 40 months ago | reply

    the purse is now in two agin and i like the stairs.

  8. Imagination Customs 40 months ago | reply

    Your Harry Potter references are genius :]

  9. Bart Willen 40 months ago | reply

    How did they get out of the purse!? I love the HP reference!

  10. SuperHardcoreDave 40 months ago | reply

    Really love the floor, stairs, and benches. Very good scene and interestingly done as always.

  11. th_squirrel 40 months ago | reply

    Dang, did Creeper get lost? I hope he comes back...

  12. Jack Riveorput 40 months ago | reply

    Wonderful series of beautiful creations.

  13. minifig051 40 months ago | reply

    Heh heh...HP reference.

  14. Andared of Lenfald 40 months ago | reply

    I have no idea why I haven't commented till now, but this is once again a fantastic series. The floor and stairs are simply genius. And am I the only one that thinks those barrels look like eyes?

  15. Shadow Viking 40 months ago | reply

    I thought you ought to know.

  16. Baron von Sinister 40 months ago | reply

    ^^Nope I think they look alot like faces.

  17. Kris_Kelvin 40 months ago | reply

    Your MOC are so hilarious and so funny :)

  18. I Scream Clone 38 months ago | reply

    Such bright creations. Lovely colours and odd angles. It all works so well.

  19. legosrock(the new joshyswag) 37 months ago | reply


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