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..... Just when it was about to become real funny, I ran out of mana. So typical.
With me unable to turn them into pigs, the guards could finally capture me.
Loraine didn't help either. She just ran off screaming "I am not a witch!"

The guards took me to the nearby village.
Immediately a mob of peasants gathered around.
The fact that I didn't wear a black pointy hat and hadn't the slightest wart confused them.

They kept arguing with the guards whether I really was a witch.
One of the smarter ones suggested they did the float-on-water test.
Great! Just what I needed. Call me screwed .....

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  1. Stevie1177 69 months ago | reply

    love all the references made in this series :)

  2. LegoEater [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Nice Monty Python reference. Are there going to be more in the series?

  3. Nannan Z. 69 months ago | reply

    I like the easy-to-follow plot of the story, but hopefully this is all going somewhere.

  4. Marine Raider 69 months ago | reply

    "She turned me into a newt...(awkward silence)...Well I got Better!

  5. Your Humble Editor 69 months ago | reply

    im not sure if you got the idea from me or not but great job anyway

  6. (INH) 68 months ago | reply

    I'm lovin' these. Keep them coming!

  7. [Frost] 68 months ago | reply

    and unhappy monk
    How the heck would he get the idea from you!?

  8. Your Humble Editor 68 months ago | reply

    well i said somthing about it in the one with the witch hanging from a tree

  9. PhiMa' 68 months ago | reply

    and unhappy monk I doubt it, Bart plans his vignettes out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before he posts them, if I remember correctly :P

    Keep em coming though, I'm loving this series :)

  10. Bart De Dobbelaer 68 months ago | reply

    and unhappy monk Derpfaec - Teh Zombitch - I violate your posessions when it's cold PhiMa' Yep planned ahead long ago. To give you an idea: I now have about thirty vignettes ready on paper, I just need to build them. The order can still change or new ideas can jump in between. Some vignettes are merely based on a single idea or some funny thing, others are already fully described.

  11. Your Humble Editor 68 months ago | reply

    oh well that makes since so ignore it
    despite all i said i like every thing you post

  12. pasukaru76 68 months ago | reply

    The villagers look happy. Typical backwater attitude.

  13. Commandersniperfish 68 months ago | reply

    Lol, whats the hen doing up there :P. Nice vignette again! You really are good at these things!

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