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Dear diary,

I always wanted to meet a real pirate and today was my lucky day. I found a sunken pirate vessel full with treasures. As I was inspecting the loot a giant shark attacked me. Luckily I could distract the creature by throwing my luggage at it ...


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  1. Binary Code 75 months ago | reply

    So it's not over!

  2. Shwooshy 75 months ago | reply

    :D So happy it's not over!

  3. Symmetry_ 75 months ago | reply

    But wasn't Eddie a pirate?
    So happy it isn't over. :D Although, I knew the last one wasn't the end.

    I love the shark's position BTW.

  4. Naszfluckah 75 months ago | reply

    I got a Tintin vibe.

  5. jake voldanser 75 months ago | reply

    so thats were sarah got eddis cloning dna?

  6. Duckinator hunter 75 months ago | reply

    Yes i was hoping that it wasn't over! yay!!

  7. equuinox 75 months ago | reply

    Hope he's got enough oxygen! Another great section, Bart. :)

  8. ~Exploratioη 75 months ago | reply

    I thought that the last one was it. Nice job with the shipwreck.

  9. Savage Sebastian 75 months ago | reply

    So... Will the story be more based outside in the ocean depths with a mermaid or will the story be on land?

    This is truly the best yet!

  10. jdrach85 75 months ago | reply

    I hope he's got a lot of air in his tanks...

  11. jake voldanser 75 months ago | reply

    ^^ or the moon bart just think about it

  12. lionday 75 months ago | reply

    Suburban Pete ^ just saying.

  13. -minininja- [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

    Hee hee...

  14. JimmytheJ 75 months ago | reply

    It continues! But I really don't think pirate Pete would work. For one thing it's already a pub, and for another they're all dead :S

    Pete in space has a good ring to it, but I think there'd need to be a time-wiggling plot device to make that work.

    Anyway, I think it'll continue to be Atlantis adventuring for so long as Bart is addicted to the theme. The base's destruction is not always the end. Think of the Death Star, think of Hoth.

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