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    1. dongrikin [deleted] 87 months ago | reply


    2. bestlinuxos 52 months ago | reply

      Impressive. In operating system Best Linux

    3. suelylopez 39 months ago | reply

      DHH, sorry...this is not a "rails comment", you look very handsome, this is your best picture.

    4. dainsphotography [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

      Soooooo pimp.

    5. johnny_zebra 36 months ago | reply

      I remember seeing this picture on the cover, and thinking it was a nice shot. After it came out there was some backlash in the development community about David (DHH), mostly for being outspoken, driven, uncompromising, etc., but there was an under tone of him being 'different' than the majority of developers. And sure, he's technical, business-savvy, generous (he gave away the Rails framework, and many other projects for free), confident, and funny, but the thing that may have really irked developers is "He's too good looking!"

      So this picture, while very nice, came out in this context of the community starting to form its identity, and this pose, of him looking down on the viewer, eyes lowered, head slightly lifted, really caused a stir. Especially being on a magazine that was distributed to the masses. I think it was some classic psychological 'projection' of people saying "He thinks he's better than us!".
      Now if you look at the next picture in this flickr list

      , its a totally different story. He's warm and friendly, and we're looking down on him, its not threatening, but its also not memorable.
      I wonder how much thought the editors put into which photo they chose for that linux cover? Did they want to stir up controversy? Did the controversy help bring attention? (eg. "Who's this smug dbag? .... oh, wow he's smart, this is cool stuff .... hey check this out, this rocks...DAMN that guy is cool!")

      For the record I heart DHH and all he's done. I just find all the reactions that people have to be very interesting, and to blend photography, psychology and nerdery all in one moment is quite special for me!

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