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Day 287 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic! | by SarahStar7
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Day 287 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic!

"Howdy Neighbor"


Today was a busy day.

I did get some personal physical therapy in today (which was great because it was in the form of swimming in my pool..see pic below ;) )


I didn't get home from supermarket shopping with D until 10pm and than ate dinner, and than was like Sh@t... what am I going to do for a pic today..I wasn't feeling in a photo mood and then I read a comment under my video/pic from yesterday from my flickr friend dreamangel505vm


It said "If you are interested, the theme for this week in girls theme week live is the country/western look. I have posted 3 pics if you need any ideas-you have until midnight on Saturday to post!"


So I went into my bedroom put on my closest thing to Westen looking gear/ saddled up Sky and mosey along down the hallway in our apt building... pic done! =)


3 random facts about me today.


1. I live in the USA and I have driven across the country twice (once after college with my college roommate Jill and once after graduate school with one of my BFF's Nicole)..I loved the south west.. so beautiful the red rocks and the feel of it....I wore a cowboy hat (or is it a cowgirl hat??) for part of the road trip and still the best trips of my life! I probably should have worn my real hat for this pic..oh well ;)

2. I bought the hat I am wearing on my head during a road trip to Florida I did with my mom.. (actually I think I bought it when we got to Florida at a beach stand)

3.D finished building our last Ikea purchase today with our friend Brian..YES!! We had 9 items to build (and meaning we I mean D) and now they are all built and we can finally put the finishing touches on our new apt. I told myself I wasn't allowed to hang up any pictures until we were completely done unpacking and setting would be my reward ;)


G'night Y'all



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Taken on July 10, 2012