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Day 286 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic!


***To see my beautiful and talented friend Sammy's video check out her stream HERE


Also D sang the song for me and you can check out one of his CD's here: DELVIS on iTunes


So today’s upload is different than all my other pics fro my 365..

A.Because it is not a pic it is a video

B.It’s my first collaboration project on Flickr


I did this project with my “Flickr BFF” ;) I met Sammy online at the beginning of her 365 project and was so beyond impressed with her talent! She has helped me so much through my 365 with constant inspiration, kind comments on all my photos, and brainstorming/discussing ideas about photos and life outside of photos too. I have learned so much from her and feel like it was fate that we started our 365’s around the same time because I made a true friend with her. This is #1 reason why I love flickr …every day you get to be inspired by people’s creativity who share a similar passion as you and everyone is so generous with their kind words and positivity. Thank you all so much for your support with my project and please if you haven’t checked out Sammy’s stream go take a look at her impressive work..her attention to detail is mind blowing!


Sammy came up with the idea for the collab project. She wanted to try a video portrait and gave me links to some great ones on Flickr and the celebrity photographer who does it with celebrities..


Now I have taken some video’s of D singing and I have been in D's music videot, but I have never taken a video of myself (besides a small one on my cell phone when I was on massive amount of pain meds in the hospital..haha)

This was an extreme challenge for me for these reasons

1.I had no idea what I was doing

2.I couldn’t grasp lighting for video shooting (and I don’t think I had the right lighting)

3.I had a very hard time getting video cam to focus (which was strange since I don’t have many issues with that doing selfies??!!.. my first attempts came out completely blurry or chopped off my head (It doesn’t help that I have a broken tripod..haha)

4. I have ADD (seriously) sitting still starting at a video camera was literally too hard for me ;) and also completely akward..I had no idea what to do..and I was alone in apt doing this so I am not sure why I felt so darn uncomfortable... but it was nerve-wracking….I eneded up with a 4 minute take….and chopped it to 90 sec for flickr but I could not hold one pose….so I reverted to my “classic” photo poses which I felt was the thing to do because it captures me

5.I have no idea how to edit videos so I played around with iMovie on my computer and did the best I could (ps. I DID THIS VIDEO IN REVERSE .. to make it a little more interesting so technically my video is backwards

6.My bangs are too long and we wanted the focus to be our eyes and with the humidity and my long bangs my hair became a nightmare (haha) seriously I had to keep pushing my bangs out of the way and they were driving me crazy I almost cut them and I am not going to even start with my hair blowing up to be a frizzy mess..haha


I choose the song Wicked Game to be my background song (but I had D sing it because it made it more me too ) Thank you D xxoo .. Wicked Game is one of my all time most favorite music videos and I think the song is just freakin awesome! ☺


Since I just wrote 20 paragraphs under this I am going to only do one fun fact today. One of my flickr friends is doing a print giveaway and in the comment section she wanted people to tell one thing about themselves..this is what I wrote and I wanted to share this story with you too ☺

Random Fact about me of the day ;)


1.I got my first camera in first grade. My grandmother gave it to me on a trip to Washington DC (it was a brownie camera.) I was so excited to have it and take photos that I walked from the Washington Monument to the Capital on my own (I was 6!!) to get a good pic of the capital. My family thought I was kidnapped because I took off on my own and was gone for soooooo long…..I got in so much trouble..but I did get a good shot ;)


Much Love,



Ps. I think I will try the video thing again before the end of my 365 once I understand it more. The one thing I truly loved about it was that it was completely way outside of my comfort zone and my abilities BUT sometimes it's good to push yourself into new territory that makes you uncomfortable because even if you don't do great at it the first time at least you know you tried something new and you never know where it may lead you later on. ( I am kind of nervous to share it because I am not completely comfortable with the final product.. but I need to get pass that..haha..part of the lesson and learning curve..right??! ;)


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Taken on July 9, 2012