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Day 285 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic! | by SarahStar7
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Day 285 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic!

Hi =)

First off I really want to thank everyone for the extremely sweet comments on my albums, the kind testimonials, and all the views of my photos, as well as my kind flickr friends who have been emailing me pics for my "fridge photo magnet museum"'s going to look so cool!"..I feel so beyond appreciative. I am doing this 365 project for myself but it feels so nice that people actually like what I am doing..that is always a truly good feeling..thank you all very much. I always love taking photos but never had much confidence in my ability.. this project on top of many other things has given me a little confidence boost with something I always felt passionate about..that is beautiful thing <3 Thank you!

For the first time since I started this project..I did today's and tomorrow's pic.. today. It will be the only time I will do this for my 365..but it was special circumstances because tomorrow's pic is a collab project with one of the coolest chicks ever.. and a complete outside of my box kind of project..I am not going to get into how many actual hours I spent on it today but lets just say it took up my whole day haha ;) I knew I would need a lot of extra time so it's really a today and tomorrow project and I have stuff going on tomorrow so I had to get the majority done don't get to excited about tomorrow's upload because honestly I didn't knock it out of the ballpark..actually at this moment I don't even know what I did..BUT it pushed me to be more creative, to try something new, and to learn more about myself so on that note it was a success ;)


My Fun Facts for today ;)

1. Today my niece said my name for the very first time and it was pretty much the coolest thing literally took my breath away..she is my little love bug! <3

2. I always wanted blue eyes but I am starting to really like my hazel eyes..It's kind of cool when you learn to appreciate what you got instead of wanting something you can't have

3. It's weird how you can love and hate something I had a love/hate relationship with my camera..I truly love taking pictures but hate when I can't do what I want with it..I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times and I get in the way of myself and today was one of those days...I wasn't accomplishing something the way I wanted too and instead of going with the flow I wanted to throw my camera and computer out the window...don't worry I didn't, but I think the lesson I learned from this is I can't expect to do everything well the first time I try..I should enjoy the learning experience instead of getting frustrated with myself.

So on that note I am done babbling for this evening


Much love and goodnight,



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Taken on July 8, 2012