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Day 220 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic! | by SarahStar7
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Day 220 Of 365 Days To Becoming Truly Bionic!

"This is Not A Pretty Picture"


I have not discussed this on my 365 yet and I very rarely discuss this at all


There are a lot of downfalls when having a injured body part (mostly the obvious) BUT the other big downfall is how to deal with the pain..especially post 5 surgeries in one area (3 which were open surgery) all happened within a 5 year span..than add in from surgery permanent nerve damage, tendon damage, muscle damage... Pretty much my right hip has been through hell and have been told by many surgeons that it will never be the same again..I may never be completely be out of pain..ever!

I have been on and off of pain meds for 5 years pre and post all surgeries. I got very sick after my 3rd surgery (The whole story is here is you are interested: )


I have decided after 6 months of being on pain meds that I am going off of them..I have been decreasing them the past few weeks because A. I don't want to be on them B. They make me sick C. Because I take them I have to take a bunch of other meds D. They could be making my insomnia a lot worse E. I will not be able to drive until I am off them... pretty much the list can go on and on..BUT they help with my pain which can be unbearable at times..but I am going to try my best to deal with pain without the I am feeling pretty darn sick at the moment as my body gets adjusted to getting off of them..I just want to lay down on the bathroom floor and cry ..and actually that is what I did after I took this picture.

On another note it is ridiculous that health insurance will give me any medication I want but they won't pay for acupuncture or massage therapy..two things I pay for out of pocket that do actually help my pain without bad side effects..just sayin




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Taken on May 3, 2012