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Themed Month/ Feb/Love

"Even when I feel my are always there to make me feel truly are my other half"



Ok kinda sucked! I truly wanted to not take a pic today..or just take a pic of me curled up in bed..but then I couldn't figure out how I could translate that into my theme for this month..because I was so not loving today. Lack of sleep is catching up to me and I am just burnt out. I scrapped the pic I tried to take earlier, spent some time in tears, did a project with good friends, and then D and I took this pic. if it wasn't for D today I would have just spent the day in bed in tears, but he helped me leave my pity party I was throwing for myself. The idea for this pic came about tonight while I was thinking about D and how much better he makes my life. He is my best friend, my love, my other half. He knows me better than anyone else and he knows how to make me smile.

I LOVE this pic :)

Much Love,



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*You can check out a music video of D's that I am in too on YouTube:



*You can also can check out the TWO music videos I made for D with my camera for his songs "Foot Of The Bed" and "Falling Leaves" here on YouTube:

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Taken on February 8, 2012