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Entry 003 "Contraband" | by ~LCM~
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Entry 003 "Contraband"

Ever since I heard those god awful noises outside last night I have stayed inside, hell more liked trapped myself in. I actually took my damn living room chair and put it in front of the front door! I felt crazy doing telling myself “What are you doing?” and “Are you actually going to do this over some noises? Coward!” I closed all my windows, not because so nobody will climb brick wall three stories high to my level, no. There was this disgusting smell in the alley way separating the building from the coffee shop that has the best fucking banana loaf to die for. Anyways the smell……It smelled like rotting meat. Also the whole neighborhood was quite. Not even the mailman came, all day I heard was sirens from far away. And also what sounded like gunshots….. It scared the shit out of me. I wouldn’t go outside unless I was starving. All day I watched the news and play some video game I forget. On the news they were talking about that a big semi-truck was stopped by an officer. It pulled him over because there was no license plate on either side. He told the shady driver to open up the back and the officer was greeted with a lot of gun. 100 machine guns, 30 pistols and 2 rocket launchers to be exact. Not too long the army showed up……Well both of them, the Canadian army and the media army. They say that this is one of the biggest smuggles of weapons ever. And you are right CANADIAN soldiers! What the hell are they doing here in Seattle?

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Taken on January 26, 2012