• At first I thought this was a rocket, but looking at the original size it's a spike on the end of a rod apparently made to be stuck in the ground below to stabilize the vehicle when stopped in a tornado? - marc50 (since 2006)

T.I.V. (Tornado Intercept Vehicle)

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A quick break from car show photos. Some of the National Stormchasers were in my area this afternoon. This unusual vehicle was parked at our local (Beatrice, NE) KFC. Either the stormchaser duds were getting lunch or they were looking for some garbage to refuel the "Flux Capacitor".

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  1. nikita4229 71 months ago | reply

    Cool photo! I have a flickr friend from Australia coming to the states to chase tornadoes later this month. Maybe he'll be in a contraption like this.

  2. marc50 (since 2006) 71 months ago | reply

    Wild looking vehicle. Very interesting find. I consider these guys a bit crazy. :-)

  3. Leon Baker47 [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    Wild , Wacky stuff !

  4. pjh60 71 months ago | reply

    Lucky you John. I heard they were in the area, didn't know they meant right in town!

  5. Ron Kube Photography 71 months ago | reply

    A bit over the top, but very cool!

  6. pmsswim 71 months ago | reply

    wow. in the thumbnail i thought it was an armadillo parked in the KFC
    parking lot.

    wonder what happens when this puppy gets sucked into a funnel? is that the aim?

  7. Old Boone 71 months ago | reply

    Nice! I saw this truck/tank on the Storm Chasers series on Discovery. I would never want to see this in real life though...means bad weather is close by.

  8. jeff_carrel 71 months ago | reply

    Why didn't you call me...you should know better then that!!! I saw them drive by my place heading south.

  9. kaeryn 71 months ago | reply

    Wow - ain't seen nothing like this in Scotland!!!

  10. daaynos 71 months ago | reply

    Cool Crazy Car!!!

  11. Hamilton Images 71 months ago | reply

    Ok, so that is just plain nuts :) John, I don't think that is a good thing that they are in your area. Interesting contraption though.


  12. NebraskaSC Photography 71 months ago | reply

    Seen in Nebraska Thunderstorms
    Please tag your photo "Nebraska Thunderstorms"

    Seen in Tornado Alley (USA)
    Please tag your photo "Tornado Alley USA"

  13. Bodri 71 months ago | reply

    I think this is the new TIV vehicle. This is the truck from Storm Chasers on the Discovery channel. Last year it broke down all the time so they went back to the old one. guess they got it fixed.

  14. starc283 71 months ago | reply

    now that is awesome, these guys are watching to many road warrior reruns !!

  15. NebraskaSC Photography 71 months ago | reply

    When I spoke with Mr Casey... Confirmed that this was TIV 2 / Rebuilt for this years chases!!! Last year they had many problems with the Axel / Frame / Body that it simply wasnt ready to go... guess they found that out the hard way!!

    I've seen a RED TIV twice this year in Nebraska... 2 weeks ago chasing in South Dakota, we say a Pure Red TIV, then again by Taylor Nebraska about a week ago. Doesn't look like this....

    Anybody know anything about this RED TIV???

  16. Petalqueen ><> Diana 71 months ago | reply

    NO, however my husband saw many chasers out north of North Platte a couple weeks ago or so. They were all over the state and many chasers up north towards Valentine. My husband drives for Crete trucking and he did a North Dakota drive through several storms but he doesn't use a camera. Wish he did! A Red TIV, interesting.

  17. sundance22 70 months ago | reply

    looks like something from the A-Team! :)
    nice shot

  18. imthemandawg 66 months ago | reply

    the red one belongs to reed timmer, it is called the tvn-dominator

  19. WinterEC 66 months ago | reply

    Love the TIV! TIV 2 especially. Nice pic!

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