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up up that hill

52/52 - And they lived happily ever after


Did they, or did they not?

I guess I leave that question open, because...I am actually not really at the end of this project. I really wanted to finish this project this week, but I totally underestimated it. I still didn't take pictures to several themes, but I planed all of the shots that I still have to do so...fingers crossed I get to take all these pictures real soon :)


Allthough it has been really stressful the last weeks this project still was and is amazing :) Not only was it fun and helped me to grow, it helped me realize that you can't do it alone! You need people who go along with you. For this project these People where Marina, Purvi, Suus, Joel, Thom, Daniel, Rob, Brooke and liz. Not only have they been super nice and helpful they also where so inspiring. If I felt uninspired at one point....I looked at their pictures and i felt better and inspired. It's amazing to know that there are people out there who kinda think the same way that you think. People with all these amazing ideas. So thank you guys, you and everyone who participated in this project. It really means so much to me :)


I think this picture really describes the point where I am now. The project is the hill, I am not at the top but...I am soon there :D


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Hope you like it!


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Taken on October 28, 2011