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BLUE Phobos | by xiei22
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BLUE Phobos

Mars colony starfighter defender

BLUE squadron = Phobos

RED squadron = Deimos



BLUE Phobos and RED Deimos is an 8 starfighter fleet deployed around Phobos and Deimos moons: there has been built the very first 2 antimatter factories.

Such a resource drove the Mars colony to ask for indipendence from the Earth's Economy influence.

Someone said that such a quick split-political idea come from the Red Planet industries boss: a mankind appex ginius, with huge economical resources, wo decided to be the very first Martian on history (self-genetic improved intelligence could drive to these presumptuous ideas...).


Anyway, THE MARTIAN needed to shield his Ninth Simponies on Phobos and Deimos: blue and red squadron born tat way.


Antimatter engine become quite simple to manage with a never-ending production on the two moons, so the starfighter long range became reality. More to this, the huge energy produced from the reaction let the engineers develop something like a EMP cannon.

It would be more peacefull to dont destroy enemies ships......and to recycle the turned off vehicle would be even more usefull for the still to young Martian economy....


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Uploaded on May 14, 2017