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somewhere in the caribbean sea | by |vv@ldzen|
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somewhere in the caribbean sea

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it was a beautiful day when i took this shot. sometimes - well, all the time when i shoot during the day i always have a hard time looking at the outcome on my lcd cuz its too bright. so i ended up taking lots of shots, review later, and erase the ones that aren't good but this one came out alright.


new year was fun. i was on call but never got called in. kinda stinks - i wanted that double pay. well, we went out to funny bone comedy club in manchester, ct. had the buffet dinner (which wasn't that great) then get to see and hear loni love. she was funny and hilarious! then home & watch tv, played a little wii, and saw the ball drop at nyc. hope everyone had a fun new year's weekend. definitely loved the weather we had recently after the blizzard but now its back to cold again. hope my little toro powerlite snowblower gets fix by the end of the week or else i'll be back to shoveling again if we get that blizzard this weekend..




back to work today. i still do not like our new machine we just got. i told my boss and everyone else that toshiba is ok but i would prefer phillips or ge. guess what, the company got the toshiba anyways. and guess who has to put up with it. or use it...? i thought we upgraded. not downgraded. toshiba has the same and sometimes lower quality compared to sequoias. today i used the "big bertshiba" to do portable and its more cumbersome than what i've been using. anyways, feel like i need to vent.


sorry folks that care to read my statements. if you don't understand what i just said - don't worry or pay attention. i know i sound like a complainer. but i just feel like venting out my frustrations. and i really feel better afterwards. i guess flickr is my therapy. i post a pic and write down my thoughts (or complaints) then i feel better. it clears out my head. watching movies makes me feel better too. that's why i rented "salt" from redbox. only $1.06 (actually it was free - got a free code every 1st monday of the month) but i had to wait outside of the grocery store behind this lady that can't make up her mind which movie to get. so she starts all over again. then she had a hard time swiping her card. it was cold and freezing and felt like i was behind her for 15 mins. anyways, i feel like going into a cycle. so i better stop and watch evelyn salt kick butt.


later yall.........

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Taken on December 5, 2010