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    On a Tuesday, we went to Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and this is one of the things I thought was really kewl - a vintage Royal typewriter. I like the design of it. Really antique-e.

    We walked around and checked out some of the old country singer and their memorabilia. I'm not really big into country.

    Our trip went well especially with a little puppy on board. We went to TN to visit granny for a few days. Helped her out with whatever she needed. I actually painted her bench. Cleaned up her patio also. Nothing big. It was great to help her since she couldn't move around much. She had history of couple strokes. So it's tough for her and it was nice to be there for her.

    Besides chillin' at granny's, we went to this museum and then later to Grand Ole Opry! I will be posting some pics here later. We had fun! We actually stop at Sonic everyday to get the Route 44 strawberry limeade and few of their chiller drinks. I wasn't the best healthy eater on that trip.. My lunch and dinner consist of burgers, fried chicken, pulled pork, and Shoney's buffet. Pecan pie with vanilla ice cream! Wow, being in the South - who cares about the nutrition label. As long as it tasted good - eat it. So yeah, me and Brian did likewise.

    I've had enough of Shoney's. Although we only went twice but that was enough. Granny loves going there. She loves their salad. The first time she took us there, my fish wasn't cooked thoroughly. That wasn't good. Hey, it only cost $4.99 per person!

    ********************************************************************** **********************
    Glad today was over with. Was busy at work but not crazy. My co-worker told me that Sarah Jessica Parker died on the set filming her show. We were like. "Really!" "How?"

    [April fools!]

    It was random but sounded realistic. I told few people about it and they all believed me. Lol.

    Now I'm home alone while everyone left to go to Maine tonight til tomorrow night. It was so nice out today and it is supposed to be nicer tomorrow and the weekend. Wish I could have gone with them to ME but couldn't get off tomorrow because I got 2 SEs (Stress Echos) that no one else can do. So I have to be stuck inside the hospital while everybody else is at the beach. [Boo]

    It's good that there is Flickr. I can share my feelings and let it out a bit.

    Post a pic.

    Put my comments.

    And I feel better after.

    Wow, this is my longest post. That's cuz I actually get to sit down and type. What a peaceful and quite evening. Just me and DJ (cat). [No Phoebe]. I can actually sleep through the night and not have to take the dog out at 3am to go potty.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
    Thanks for all favs and comments! I really appreciate it.....

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    1. hms_chic 61 months ago | reply

      LOL - I know exactly what you mean about Flickr commenting! I think it's my alternative to a blog. :D I love this typewriter! If I still used one, this is the one I would have to have! Glad to know you had a good time - and that you are able to get to sleep through the night!

    2. TheLinesBetween 59 months ago | reply

      What a lovely typewriter! I'd wish I had such a nice one!

      I used the image on my personal blog, but linked back to you. Hope this is okay, contact me otherwise. the-lines-between.blogspot.com/2010/05/typewriter-dreams....

    3. mina sharif 58 months ago | reply

      this is so cute!

    4. snapgirl tc 58 months ago | reply

      oh that is a beauty.

    5. duke jukes 57 months ago | reply

      it's really nice to read the background to some of your pictures :) - makes them quite unique :)

    6. |vv@ldzen| 57 months ago | reply

      Thank you all for all the comments and favs! I really appreciate all the kind words....

    7. KaraFleck [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      LOVE this picture! thank you for making it available in the creative commons.

    8. |vv@ldzen| 56 months ago | reply

      - You're very welcome... Thanks for the nice comments and the fav....

    9. Auntie P 39 months ago | reply

      Thanks for letting me use your photo in my blog post. It's here.

    10. der blaue robert 39 months ago | reply

      I would like to decor in a similar style my computer...

    11. secretarydeluxe 10 months ago | reply

      Is this available anywhere for purchase? It's lovely... Would not be resold as the image itself but featured in a design to promote my copywriting services. Thanks! -Autumn

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