photo by secret squirrel

Classic Big Atkinson Heading to Thorpdale for Spuds has a Rest on the Princes Hwy at Warragul first in 1982

  • pappa11 3y

    top shot bro hey this isnt the one ive got pullin that dyers trailer is it
  • buck1931 3y

    this truck was owned by canberra truck repairs mate of mine drove it towing a trailer for jetspress
  • Craig R PRO 3y

    ooohhhhh wow Squirrel great work fella
  • Gary Edgley 3y

    A stunner, top shot mate.
  • jane 3y

    great ol rig
  • STEVEOK200 PRO 3y

    Nice great catch there mate
  • atkipete 3y

    Must be good spuds he has got the DG plates on already.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Pappa=Aaaagh Yeah I never thought of that I dont think it is Bro but does look much the same Doesnt it=Thanks Buck Aaaaaaaagh Cool mate I would never have known that gee he is a Great Looking Truck I was all Over Him hahahah thanks for that Info I will write that on the back of My photo Now=Thanks Craig hahaha Now we are getting Serious eh Mate Yeah what a Cracker Used to get some Tuff trucks stop here when the old Hiwy went through Town Not much Action these days though when I lived in Warragul I used to Take the Family out to Tea here instead of the Pub hahahaha I think they knew exactly what I was Up too heheheh=Thanks Gary Yeah how Nice is this mate just nice and Neat Looks Great and will always look Great even in a Hundred Years I recon=Thanks Jane Yeah these were the Days although I would never Go Back in time after driving the New Trucks The Isri Seat I had saved my Career I can Tell you=Thanks Steve Yeah a Real piece of History here in more ways than One as the Hwy has been Bypassed now but the Servo is still Surviving which is Good=Thanks Steve=Jane=Gary=Craig=Buck=Pappa
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Peter=hahaha Oh Yeah I was Just thinking Actually he might have been Heading to the APM Mill for a Load of Paper perhaps Mmmmm One or the Other thanks Peter
  • atkipete 3y

    Maybe he was going up to Mirboo Nth to get a load of their home brew.
  • vanekdarren 3y

    Love your old shots mate, wish i had a camera then, thats why I get so many shots now, capture history!
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Peter and thanks Darren=Yeah I still really love Looking at my Oldies I wish I had Taken More Too but it was pretty Expensive Hobby Back Then with the old Film and 24 Shots Per Roll I had to save my Pennys But anyway Im glad I did Get what I got and I still got Plenty More to Come Yet too Darren

    SS this is a great shot of what wer the BIG BANGA of their era in truckin. I have a soft spot for these. My very 1st interstate truck was 1 like this SS you may know the truck Brendon Beer sold it to Noel Seabrook it was doing Jon Rose for years I'm not sure where it is now.
  • Craig R PRO 3y

    i would love to know where that Seabrook Atkinson is now. used to see it everyday through the back fence in Jon Roses yard never once thought to get a pic last i saw it was for sale in Dyers Dandenong yard

    I only have the 1 pic of her unfortunately A3800 I will put it up mate.
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