photo by secret squirrel

Trevor Williams from Resovoir Melbourne and his tuff Looking WHITE Pull up at Yarragon in 1980

Craig R, Evan and 9 more people faved this
  • Craig R PRO 3y

    you would be in the prime of your life running that combination ey Squirrel unreal mate great one
  • Evan PRO 3y

    Bloody top shot Craig. Could be wrong but i think he drove for Leitch in the mid '80's. If it's the bloke i'm thinking of he was a top guy, had good taste too by the looks of that 9000.
  • pappa11 3y

    great shot bro what did jane think of this one haha
  • brotherbrad 3y

    ahhh Memories
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Craig=hahahah Yeah mate you know me too well this is what Im talking about How Tuff is this mate hahahahaha Trucking Heaven on Highway One=Thanks Evan hahaha Oh right I wonder if this is the same fella and Oh yeah I Mean talk about good taste alright what a Beast=Thanks Pappa=hahahha Uuuuuuum Welllllllll Uuuuuuuum I dont think she has seen it yet Bro LOL=Thanks Brad hahaha Oh Yeah I laugh when I look at some of the Ole Photo's hahahah I was still steering the Golden Holden with the P-Plates at this stage of the Game I dunno how we didnt kill ourselves I was a shocking Driver LOL Oh well I still am too Thanks Brad=Pappa=Evan=Craig
  • Chris Hayward 2y

    G'day Secret, what a classic this is. After Intermodal finished, there was a couple of blokes in Geelong had their cab over K models with the logo cleaned off the door but still in the white with yellow chassis and pulling yellow trailers. I think they might have had VT 350 Cummins, they didn't sound meaty enough for 903's. A pic might be in my Kenworth set.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 2y

    Thanks Fred Oh Right Yeah I know the Trucks you are talking about I used to see them quiet often coming through I got some old Video of them somewhere Great old Trucks thanks for Info Fred
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