photo by secret squirrel

Souters Stunning Peterbilt is in Search of More Spuds with SS in hot Pursuit at Thorpdale in 2012

pappa11, Craig R and 5 more people faved this
  • pappa11 3y

    now thats thorpy truckin squirrel haha
  • rick payne 3y

    Nice catch Craig we sure have him covered LOL
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Pappa=Yeah I got lots of Footage over the Years of Trucks going around this corner so though I better get a photo=Thanks Rick hahahah Yeah poor fellow cant escape us now LOL hahaha thanks Rick=Pappa
  • pappa11 3y

    and none look better than this bro sorry game over
  • squeeka1 3y

    you are a bloody legend MR. SQUIRREL
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Pappa=hahahah well you never know what is ever going to happen next Pappa I remember saying those very Words 35 Years ago when I took a photo of a Kenworth and it had a Sleeper cab on him I remember thinking that nothing would ever beat that hahahaha=Thanks Squeeka=hahaha well I dunno about a legend I felt like an Idiot chasing him around the Yard at my age hahahahah but it did come out good though LOL thanks Squeeka=Pappa
  • mark eldridge PRO 3y

    i had this truck follow me out of deniliquin last year when i was coming home vfrom the ute muster
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Brahmy Yeah I remember the shot mate you got him thru your Back Window If my memory serves me correct I thought it was this truck mate I was thinking about that photo when I was chasing him hahahah thanks Brahmy
  • mark eldridge PRO 3y

    he must get around mate
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Brahmy=Yeah I reckon thats what I was thinking Brahmy
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