photo by secret squirrel

This Stunning Looking Cabover Kenworth of Wrights is a Fine sight at Castlemaine Truck Show in 1990

  • Nick 3y

    22 years ago Craig. Can you beleive cos these rigs still cruising the highways now looking as good as ever!
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Nick=Yeah 22 Years ago mate I cant believe it I remember taking it like yesterday hahaha Yeah this mighty rig would still turn heads today maybe more so than ever just a beauty thanks Nick
  • Craig R PRO 3y

    oh Squirrel come on this cant be real. how good is this photo. just love every thing about this truck
  • Gary Edgley 3y

    A top looking KW, ahh the memories. A big Army Mack behind the KW as well.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Craig=Yeah what a perfect looking truck eh mate I really loved photographing this one Its easy to see why I fell in love with the Cabover Kenworth from back then what a rippa Dont worry I have a heap of them still to come too I am saving the best till last LOL=Thanks Gary hahah Yeah I was scared of the Army being there I thought they would Grab me if I went too close Now dont get me wrong if any SOB trys to attack my stunning Country I will be straight into action BUT it will be done my way and my way only No Dumb arse Sergent going to send me to my Death I will do that for myself thanks Yeah Yeah beautiful Cabover Kenworth sure does bring back the great times of the Trucking Industry I see Yesterday they had a big Truck Blitz at Yarragon and the Cops were going right through the Cabins of the Trucks meanwhile someones Poor Grandma is beiing raped somewhere while these idiots try to look like heros going through hard working honest Peoples belongings What a crap world we now have=Thanks Gary=Craig
  • Outlaw 13 3y

    Pretty good looker !
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Don=Yeah sure is mate a real neat looking rig thanks Don
  • MurrayJoe PRO 3y

    Old Army Mack in the back ground is it Squirrel?
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 3y

    Thanks Murray-Joe=Yeah mate sure was they are at a lot of the Truck shows over the years good chance to do a bit of Promo work I spose thanks Murray-Joe
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