photo by secret squirrel

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    Big Shell Freightliner and B-Double Tanker Combination at Geelong in 1994

    1. Calgary Doug 40 months ago | reply

      Nice one Craig. I pulled a super b tanker with a R model Mack a few years ago. All I hauled in it was water but I used to have to drive down a cow path to load out of a creek then back it up onto the road.

    2. MT TRUCKSHOTS 40 months ago | reply

      Great work craig. The shell tankers were always a standout on the road. Suprisingly there's not too many posted on here same as the old finemores you don't see on here much. Great work

    3. secret squirrel6 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks Doug=Crikey mate they dont believe in making life easy do they hahahah you must have been a top operator in your day Doug sounds like that R-Model was a rippa of a truck mate=Thanks Matt=Yeah I must admit I have been a bit surprised by theat too mate but dont worry I have a couple up my sleeve yet LOL and I will also put on a buit of Old footage of the Shell R- mODELS Too I think I know why is that they were such a common sight on our roads back then that I guess we thought they would be around forever it was a bit like the old Trans West Trucks down here but I knew I had to get a few of them I ran into one guy who looked at my photos and came across a old R-Model Trans west that I took at Trafalgar about 30 years earlier and he was gobsmacked as he had bought that truck himself 30 yaers after I took the photo so you just never know do you thanks Matt=Doug

    4. Joe Hupp - Truck Photographer 40 months ago | reply

      Those would have been the THOMAS tankers (Tankers Having Optimal Mass And Stability)!

    5. secret squirrel6 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks Joe hahahaha Im glad you explained that mate I would never of guessed what that meant hahaha thanks for Info Joe LOL

    6. Calgary Doug 40 months ago | reply

      I had a very good teacher. I started driving before there was such a thing as a driving school so my teacher was a co worker that was 74 years old and could do things with a semi that I'd have questioned being possible. I was lucky to have learned from him I think.

    7. secret squirrel6 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks Doug=Aaaaaah Right how good is that mate yeah I used to go with a Log truck Driver in my Teens he was some Driver I always felt safe with him even on some roads that really were not roads hahaha thanks Doug at least we are still here to talk about it eh mate

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