photo by secret squirrel

Don Costello Trucking of Melbourne Huge KW Seen here loaded with Spuds at Thorpdale in 1992

  • Nick 5y

    Love how these old bull bars used to Pertrude out so much. Now they are straight up and down. Classic shot Craig.
  • pappa11 5y

    magnificent ive never seen a air cleaner like that before i still see there old green W going thru god help anything running into that bar
  • Gloria1207 5y

    Boy that grill is out a long way wouldn't want it to run into me beautiful picture
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Nick im pretty sure the design of it is that what ever you hit get rolled up the Bullbar and then thrown up and out of the way well thats just what i think anyway A lot of the bars today are for decoration i think LOL=Thanks Pappa Yeah that Air cleaner looks like a milk can hahahah i have never seen there green one that must be nice this sounded awesome when i filmed him taking off all the Lacker bands were stretched to the limit LOL=Thanks Gloria yeah its one of the old bars and they were built to protect the driver and truck so no i wouldnt want to be on the wrong side of it at full speed especiallyLOL=Thanks Nick=Pappa=Gloria
  • Outlaw 13 5y

    Very nice KW , that style air cleaner is how they are here in the states ! When I see the giant ones they have down there I have to wonder why ? Is it because of dust maybe !
  • matt 5y

    shes an old kenny this one got the old smaller lights in the chrome bit around them. yeah most bar are straight up and down as when the rta pull you over and measure you they measure from the furtherest point which these days your normally right on your lenghts especially with bdoubles.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Don yeah that would be the case i imagine espessially in the outback she is tough going out there and very hot too so probaly a number of reasons the whether changes so much from State to State so its hard to get that consistency she sure is greatold beast=Thanks Matt oh yeah of course every thing is down to the narrowest of margins isnt it there were not too many Bdoubles around when i took this shot the RTA Would have a field day with this fella now days thanks for that great info Matt and thanks Don
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    A great looking old Kenny with the those headlights, the 5 spoke spider rims, the bullbar and those air cleaners. Neat simple paint job, nice one mate.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gary yeah its got all the classic features that us silly fellas enjoy God they were just real life machines can still hear him taking off so awesome Thanks Gary
  • Carlos Manuel Reyes Santos 2y

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