photo by secret squirrel

My Little Sister Babyjohmson models in front of the big F-10 Volvo while Brotherbrad walks off in disgust looking for some Tucker in early 1980s

  • Gary Edgley 5y

    Cool looking F10 with colour coded bull bar. Was this a Simon unit? the colour looks about right.
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Gary =No i dont think so just an owner operater for Memory but cant remember who but it was a very nice looking rig and yeah that Bullbar really suits it Painted most of them were just painted white back then Thanks Gary
  • Gloria1207 5y

    Boy it really shows how big she is and what a cute little sister you have
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Gloria yeah she is a cutie my little sister and now she is a Mum herself of a few kids and they are at school too and Brotherbrad over there well he is a Dad too with a few kids too Goodness me im getting old LOL Thanks Gloria
  • gerwil 5y

    Great shot mate, how old were you when you started to photograph trucks.
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Gerwil=haha well i was about 12 years old and i used to walk down the highway every Saturday and take a few snaps but they were pretty aweful shots LOL Thanks Gerwil
  • brotherbrad 5y

    Gee wiz i didnt think we dragged her along ,the bitch has got me old skippy jumper on lol
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Brotherbrad = yeah i dragged Brooke around a fair bit befere i got my licence i made her a special seat on the back of the Pushy when i had to baby sit her and we would go out truck hunting Lol Thanks Brotherbrad
  • will johnson 5y

    hahaha great pic of a reliable old truck loving the johnson family pics have to get some with me in it with our new mack lol
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Will yeah sure will mate i have one of you in front of a B-61 but only if you give Permission will i load it thanks Will
  • Kdtrucks 4y

    I think this truck was Horsefields Thorpdale
  • secret squirrel6 4y

    AaaaaaaaaaH Gee it might be tooo I never ever thought of that I look at this photo everday as I made it into a poster and have it on my wall Mmmmmmm gee Did he ever have a red Volvo cabover the old Doc=he had the white colored ones with the red Band around them they were nice then he went Blue onto the Globtrotters and then Blue and whit of the Aerodynes but it kind of does look like one of his now I look at it thanks KD you got me thinking now
  • Kdtrucks 4y

    Horsefields did have a red F10 in the eighties this may be that Volvo
  • secret squirrel6 3y

    Thanks KD= aAAAAAH Right gee I dont know how I missed that one thanks KD
  • jane 3y

    why wasnt i in this photo?
  • secret squirrel6 3y

    Thanks Jane=hahaha I think you might have been working too hard at Gracies Bakery so we had to leave you behind on this run hahahaha Do you remember Brooke in the that Skippy Jumper hahaha thanks Jane
  • jane 3y

    yes the old skippy jumper sure got around, lol
  • secret squirrel6 3y

    Thanks Jane hahah Sure did some Miles
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