photo by secret squirrel

Freestone Huge Peterbilt seen here at Trailer Truck Show Melbourne in 2010

  • redwagon66 PRO 5y

    long & tall sit low & go fast
  • pappa11 5y

    i like the way you think jerry ha ha
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Jerry and thanks Pappa =yeah just about says it all and when you are in something cool like this well lets just say there is no other way thanks Jerry and Pappa
  • Vincent Dubois 5y

    Very nice shot!!

  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Vincent wow that looks great thanks mate
  • redwagon66 PRO 5y

    pappa11 pappa you got to look at life as it were a dance
  • pappa11 5y

    ha ha yeah right jerry you rock and i will roll
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    thanks Jerry and Pappa im getting worried about you two stick to country please LOL thanks Jerry and Pappa
  • redwagon66 PRO 5y

    craig you dont have to worry i think you should listen to your elders have a big ole beer on me i got a tab in your faveret watern hole then have one on me
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Jerry hahahahaha good on ya mate you are a legend
  • Gloria1207 5y

    What a great picture, well done
  • Outlaw 13 5y

    Very nice , perfectly dressed out !
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gloria and Thanks Don =Appreciate the kind words there yeah this company is fantastic the way they present their rigs always looking good like this real professionals thanks Gloria and Don
  • wob2007 5y

    Would make a terrific road shot with a pan or tautliner, unfortunately i never got one, i assume they did not do much daytime running. Thanks for shot Craig, its a beauty.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Warren yeah im not too sure but i think they might leave their depot Mid Afternoon on the Sydney run but im not positive on that mate Thanks Warren
  • Jacqui 5y

    that angle makes it look so huge Craig, great work mate.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Jacqui yes i was making a complete idiot out of my self hahah never mind i got what i wanted LOL thanks Jacqui
  • jack byrnes hill PRO 4y

    Thanks for posting this in my group. Beautiful Pete
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thank you for your group Jack
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