photo by secret squirrel

Dont Mess with Freestones big Peterbilt seen here at Castlemaine truck show 2009

  • Doc100 PRO 5y

    All that chrome.
  • Outlaw 13 5y

    My personal opinion , the big Peterbilts are the best of them all ! And this one is pretty dang sharp !
  • pappa11 5y

    cant agree more outlaw your in pete heaven over there
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Doc=yeah plenty of it mate hah hah=Thanks Pappa the Freestones sure do come up a treat =Thanks Don yeah Pappa sure would agree with those comments for sure mate he says he should have been an American LOL ive got plenty of Petes for you yet their Pappa=Thankls Doc=Don==Pappa
  • Doug 5y

    Looking super fine.....hey Craig, how come there are so few Peterbilts down under......seems like it is mostly KW's.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Doug yeah mate all our Peterbilts are imported from the United States there are NO Peterbilts made down under what a disgrace was asking a guy who converts them to right hand drive and he said they will never build them here god almighty its a sore point with me thats for sure so there fore Kenworth are kings of the road here as they build their own trucks =Its a bit like Coke a cola and Pepsi from what i can work out Pepsi is more popular in your great land and over here Coke is more Popular LOL Thanks Doug
  • pappa11 5y

    yeah its a bloody conspiricy kenworth wanted the whole market to themselfs they could have built the petes at the kenworth plant but OH NO we cant do that we will lose all our profits and if you had the choice between a peterbilt and a kenworth well theres just no contest the cream always rises to the top there isnt a truck on the road better than the PETERBILT
  • Doug 5y

    I gotta agree Papa 11, the best truck I ever drove throughout 38 years was a Peterbilt 359. The same company owns both truck lines, so it would seem possible to have both built down under. For my mates there, I hope it comes true some day. Many thanks Craig for giving me the answer. Cheers
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Doug and thanks Pappa= yeah well i think pappa has said it all but i fear it wont be in our life time its just ridiculous but its great that some of the boys are bringing them over they sure look mighty good on our roads thanks Pappa and Doug
  • Gloria1207 5y

  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gloria yeah something a bit different LOL thanks Gloria
  • Dan 5y

    Wow - never can have too much chrome on a nice Pete...Great composition and perspective here...
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Dan yeah mate thats for sure this company has a few Peterbilts which is awesome and all look stunning Thanks Dan
  • will johnson 5y

    flinstones have nice petes they keep them mostly stock t witch is pree good nice pic uncle craig thanks
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Will a nice close up this one thanks Will
  • burntmech1 1y

    Wow way to go this is an excellent photo! close ups always carry well.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 1y

    Thanks Burntech hahah Yeah I Just Couldnt Help Myself I Just Had to do it on the Big Pete
  • Doug 8mo

  • secret squirrel6 PRO 8mo

    Thanks Doug Yeah I couldnt Help Myself I Just Had to get this Angle LOL
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