photo by secret squirrel

Big old Leader unloading at Trafalgar B P Fuel station in 1975

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  • Paul Moralee 5y

    can it really be ? is that an old leader ?
    haven't seen one for years
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Paul hah hah yeah sure is an old Leader mate i was going to put this one up the other night but didnt think there would be much intrest so im rapted that you like it mate sounds like it bringing back some memorys mate There were not too many down under well not down my way any way so it was great to get this one thanks Paul
  • Paul Moralee 5y

    i remember them when i was a kid , they were actually aussie built , same old story , guy couldn't get decent local backing , must have had something to do with not being ford or general motors hey ;-)
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Paul oh right i didnt know that yeah you would be spot there and yet thats what the country was built on by people having a go and everyone supporting each other doesnt happen now Thanks Paul
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    What a great old shot, classic BP Leader 8 legger. Love it with the old BP sign in the background. Brilliant mate.
  • matt 5y

    yeah the leaders were made in toowooomba and had the cab based on the f model mack cab. still see a few of the 8x4 s on drill rigs as they are pretty darn tough
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gary and thanks Matt==yeah thought some one would pick up on the old B P sign looks great i used to fuel up here all the time and yeah thats great info Matt i really didnt know that they were AUSSIE MADE Sure were a tough truck yeah i can see the Mack in it now that youmention it LOL thanks for all the info fellas its appreciated heaps
  • Denis789 PRO 5y

    nice shot!!!!
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Denis
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