photo by secret squirrel

Freestone big Pete (and pie)seen here at Trailer Truck Show 2010 (This for Gary and Russel)

  • stan w 5y

    What a magnificent shot mate - shot like this worth waiting for. Now I can say I have seen a pie in the sky lol. Well done again.
  • pappa11 5y

    yeah it looks right at home on the kitchen wall with all the other petes
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Stan and thanks Pappa==yeah i get one right every now and again Stan LOL but yeah i must admit i do like this one hah ha Hey Pappa you are going to need a bigger wall plenty more to come just sitting here waiting for me to send but im teasing you because you have to wait another week LOL thanks Stan and BROTHER Pappa
  • John PRO 5y

    Hey Squirrel, as a legendary pie muncher myself, I'm embarrassed that I don't know where this is!!
    Don't let it be a secret, Secret.
    Must know!!! Must Know!!! Gotta visit!
  • petes pix2008 PRO 5y

    A magnificent photo well done,
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Fellow Squirrel and thanks Pete=hah hah yeah its no secret this is at the Melbourne showgrounds aaah where the royal Melbourne show is held and right next door is Flemington Racourse so not far out of the City its just a bit of luck that they parked the Peterbilt right in the right spot and all by its self so i say thanks to who ever arranged that=and yeah im pretty proud of this one i must admit LOL hope that helps thanks Fellow Squirrel and Pete
  • Gloria1207 5y

    Another great shot of this magnificent truck
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    Thanks Craig, first time I've seen the pie in the sky, how new is it? Did you guys bump into each other? Freestones Pete looks awsome!
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gloria and thanks Gary =sure is a magnificent truck Gloria very easy on the eye =im not too sure how long its been up ther like that but at least a couple of years and no we didnt bump into each other but im thinking we were standing in exactly the same spot LOL thanks Gloria and Gary
  • Outlaw 13 5y

    Here in the states we call these "Large Cars" - you caught this one very well !
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Outlaw yeah has come up a treat thanks mate
  • Denis789 PRO 5y

    Very nice shot, beautiful truck!!!!
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Denis
  • Vincent Dubois 5y

    Very nice shot!!

  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Vincent
  • Bienenwabe PRO 5y

  • Atila Yumusakkaya PRO 5y

  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thanks Very much apreciate that
  • mack Jack 4y

    verry nice
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 4y

    Thanks Mack-Jack=Yeah this was really shining this rig they really presented him very well and of course they park him in a perfect spot oo thanks Mack Jack
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