photo by secret squirrel

Peter Stoitse of Welshpool and his Classic W-900 KW Seen here at Trucks in Action 1986

Russell, pappa11 and 18 more people faved this
  • pappa11 5y

    stoitses W one of the best around love that white steering wheel this truck is just magic 24 years ago and it looks like it could have been taken yesterday thanks for putting this one on squirrel MAGNIFICENT
  • wob2007 5y

    Another piece of history shared thanks Craig. This bloke had nice rigs over the years. Always immaculate presentation. Kw in back looks awesome,
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    Bloody awsome mate, this is top piece of equipment. Agree with Pappa love the white steering wheel. Just class, thanks.
    Like the K100 in the background. looks like one of Bunkers.
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Pappa=Warren=Gary==oh yeah one of my favorite companys down this gippsland way what a fleet of rigs they had back then classics yeah love those old white steering wheels just took them for granted back then Pappa sure is a great piece of history Warren and yeah spot on Gary about the Bunkers truck in back ground i think they had just taken over that contract at that time im thinking thanks for your support their everyone its great to share my passion with you great folk
  • Gloria1207 5y

    oh the markings on this are great well captured
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Gloria oh yeah this was a real big rig back then a real classic thanks Gloria
  • daniel izquierdo 5y

    peo que maquina mas re-chula
  • pappa11 5y

    hey squirrel..stoitsies W or Spudy 2
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Daniel and thanks Pappa ==oh well im not sure what that means Daniel but thanks mate LOL and Pappa which ever one got plenty of them both mate LOL thanks Daniel and thanks Pappa
  • Greenfire123 5y

    Beautiful capture seen in WORLD TRUCK
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks Denis
  • ruffy904 5y

    thats my ol banga i drove !!! love these trucks, great people to work for !!!
  • secret squirrel6 5y

    Thanks ruffy oh wow wee thats unreal this is one of my all time favorites trucks you sure were in a legend here mate thanks ruffy
  • Trevor Reoch 3y

    I saw this great pic on:

    Please tag your image "All types of transport"
    Thank you
  • secret squirrel6 3y

    Thanks Trevor Appreciate that very much mate
  • BREAKER 1-9 3y

    ruffy MADE this truck a legend squirrel :-)
  • secret squirrel6 3y

    Thanks Breaker Oh Yeah I remember when I forst laid eyes on this one My Jaw hit the ground and funny enough still does I think This one is still running around Melbourne or it might be the one with the High Rise Sleeper Brother Pappa has caught him a few times MMMMM Might be the other one I think what a rig thanks Breaker
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