photo by secret squirrel

A Big Areodyne KW Logger stopped for a cuppa at Mirboo North Bakery 2008

  • Carrol Jo Hummer PRO 5y

    Hi there sqirrrel, just curious what was the last year with the 2 piece wind-screen, Or better yet is the model of this particular cab, it's a K10?
  • wob2007 5y

    Nice catch, not your regular log truck. No doubt a lot of history behind this one.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks KW KID Thanks Warrean ==yeah well as far as i know you can still get the two piece windscreen as optinal in the Kenworths a lot of the new models the K-108==T908=608=408 and others are one piece screens with the option of two piece this one is a K-100G = ( THANKS GARY )=But im not too sure about what year this one is though IT sure is different for a logger not too sure about this rig this only time ive seen it dont even know where he was from wish he was loaded as that would have looked awesome Some one might be able to help us out there Thanks KW KID AND THANKS WARREN
  • Denis789 PRO 5y

    Beautiful capture!! seen in:
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Denis
  • Gloria1207 5y

    Great shot, do the wheels fold up like that
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gloria yeah if they are running empty they can fold up this helps out with the cost of Tyers and saves a lot of money for the operator in this way Thanks Gloria
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    I think this is the first COE aerodyne I have seen. The logging world prefer bonnetted rigs so this is pretty rare. Nice catch.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Gary yeah i could not believe this when it pulled up here we hardly even get any trucks come through let alone this one do you reckon its a K-104 or a K-100 Gary ? would have looked great loaded which most of the loggers are that are facing in this direction Thanks Gary
  • Gary Edgley 5y

    Craig I'd say K100G. The difference I think is around the headlights. The 100G had the old style cut out while the 104 started with the enlcosed wrap-around style. So purely on the headlights I'd say 100G for this one.
  • secret squirrel6 PRO 5y

    Thanks Heaps Gary yeah i mean it does look different doesnt it mate really appreciate that info thanks Gary will change that comment adding a thanks to GARY into it was going to say K-100 but than that Grill caught me out thanks heaps again Gary Will have to eat more NUTS that will help Squirrels Eye sight LOL
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